Mountain Melodies is an art project that merges two senses: sight and sound. 

It is a based on a series of photos from my travels. Each mountainous landscape has its own distinctive character. Its own voice that needed to be heard. 

The idea is simple: superimpose the 5-line musical staff on top of the landscape and turn every contour of its outline into a musical note. Each note’s duration is dictated by the space between the peaks: the bigger the space, the longer the note. That way, every single picture creates a unique melody.

I teamed up with Sarah AlencarAnewta C and Mariana Carvalho. who brought their musical talent and expertise to the project. Sarah turned the melodies into musical pieces. And Anewta and Mariana co-composed and recorded them. The full sheet music is available for download.

Prints are available for purchase here.





Juarez Rodrigues is an award-winning multidisciplinary creative  that truly believes in the power of get-off-your-butt-and-do-it. Being the only one in the family with a creative mind not only made him think he was adopted but also led him to dive into a bunch of artistic fields: he is a musician, a painter, a graphic designer, photographer and, ultimately, he decided to go into advertising, which, over the last few years, has resulted in spending a large part of his income on expensive photography and art equipment. 

His strong visual and conceptual work has been recognized by the most important Advertising Awards such as The One Show, D&AD, Cannes Lions, ADC and was featured in the Fast Company, Mashable, Daily Mail, Trend Hunt, Fubiz, ABC News and Huffington Post among others.



Sarah Alencar was born in Goiânia - Brazil and spent her adolescence on the underground stages of the city - singing, playing flute and composing in the grunge band Technicolor. At the age of 18, she joined the University of São Paulo, where she graduated in Music-Composition and now holds a master's degree in musicology, with the research “Women who create with voices: a study of contemporary vocality in Brazil”. In 2012 Sarah held a scholarship exchange to study composition at the University of Surrey, England.

The contact with the cosmopolitan diversity of São Paulo has contributed to her dive in different artistic practices, which meet in the voice and in creation. Sarah Alencar has worked as composer of the “Opera of the Disappearing”, and since 2005, she has worked as a composer and vocal trainer in the theater group Arte e Fatos, in Goiânia, having won several prizes in Brazil.

Today Sarah Alencar works giving workshops, singing, playing the flute, the guitar, arranging and composing at the groups Forrobodó do Jabah; Trio Maria Fumaça, that brings a rescue of songs of Brazilian roots and other Latin American; and Saracura, working in hospitals in São Paulo.


Anewta C is a Independent artist, singer and songwriter. She finished Academy of Music as a opera singer, after that begins to write songs and practice pop singing. Anewta is also producer of her music that has an original style influenced by many genres like Rap and RnB of 90' RocknRoll, Rock, Blues, American Pop and Opera.

She defines her sound as "Hypnotic popland, mindshaker lullaby, labyrinthine soul, diving into deepest feelings, pumping glass blowing."



Mariana Carvalho is a pianist, improviser and performer, interested on body, gender and transdisciplinarities. Into experimentation with objects inside the piano, she explores corporealities via eutony.

She works and researches contemporary music, the mixing of sounds and space, as well as works with art installations, expanded sonic forms, free improvisation, dance and the use of voice. She studied piano bachelor’s at the University of São Paulo and takes part in "Sonora – músicas e feminismos" collaborative network.

She participates in Orquestra Errante, a free improvisation group coordinated by Rogério Costa and took part many experimental music studies and collectives like Coro Profana, Camerata Profana, and AANGA performative centre . She also worked with music for theatre in Lacuna Coletiva and Club Noir, besides performing in Brasil, Argentina and Mexico.